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Life of the Comanches

The Comanches (Lords of the Plains) were a fierce, nomadic group who depended on the bison in their daily life struggles. Learn how they lived and the role played by each person in the band from children to adults.

Shadows and Light: Texas Landscape Art

Students will visit the Texas Gallery and the Southwestern Gallery and explore how seasons and light influenced artists of Texas and the Southwest. We will discuss sun angles and shadow, as well as how artists had to understand natural science when painting landscapes. Students will participate in a science experiment, and then create their own Texas landscape.

Prairie Plants with a Purpose

Students will discover the history of the uses of native plants on the High Plains and identify the most common plants that they might encounter every day.

Red River War Growth and Expansion

Guide your students in answering difficult questions about ownership of land and how the Red River War changed the lives of the Southern Plains tribes.

Aquifers: If you Build it They Will Come

Lesson plan on the relationship between windmills and aquifers.

Focus on the American Indians

4th grade lesson plan focusing on the American Indian.
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